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Just Started Your Career? Here’s The Perfect Starter Kit For You!

By Super You , 08 January 2019
For those of you who graduated recently, welcome to the jungle! Relax, though. There’s no need to be afraid. We are writing this to encourage all of you because the world beyond college/uni is very interesting to explore! It’s similar to the jungle with all its unique inhabitants. It’s time to explore a whole new world and learn plenty of interesting things in it!

Much like adventurers who are getting in the jungle, we can’t just go without any preparation whatsoever! We must think carefully about what needs to be prepared to give a positive impression. Especially for those of you who have never worked before, all these preparations are sure to be a thrilling and exciting first experience. So here's a starter kit for you!

For those of you who are shopping for your business attire for the first time, don’t rush in and get everything at once. Don’t shop too much before you go to work. Allocate some time for you to buy what you need after a week of work. That way, you can observe how other people dress in your workplace.

Also make sure to plan your shopping effectively! Most likely, for men who are first jobbers, you might want to choose black shoes as your first work shoes. Black shoes are so versatile that they still look good with a combo of any colored suits. This way, you don’t have to bother buying varied colors of shoes and suits. If your new office requires you to wear formal attire with a suit, choose colors that are more calm and friendly, like grey or navy blue. This ensures you to be able to use them for everyday use and in formal meetings.

You have to understand that you only have 7 seconds to give a good first impression to someone. To build your presence and an aura of maturity and professionalism, the accessories that you bring to work will be a defining factor, too! For example, if you’re meeting a client, it would be more polite if you give your business card from a card holder instead of a wallet or pocket. Besides that, an organizer notebook and executive ballpoint pen would make you look cool on your first day in the office!

A Full Arsenal of Brain Function Support
Invest a little money to buy equipments that can maximize your performance at work. For example, if you’re an auditory person, you’ll need a good quality headset to support how you perform. Or if you’re a thinker who needs silent, perhaps you would benefit from some good noise cancellation headphones. And for those who think very visually and have a rather short term memory, some colorful pens will surely help you in taking down notes and remember things.

Grooming Products and Body Care
For ladies who are starting their jobs, beauty products and body treatments are a staple in your shopping basket. For gentleman first jobbers, why not start investing for a better appearance?

The first step is to make sure how much you are going to allocate to your body care products. Afterwards, it’s a good idea to look for product references, probably through a product review. For the ladies, there is some good to find inspiration from beauty bloggers, first to understand and get a style that suits your character, and second to ensure a list or products that won’t be over your budget. If you are buying perfume, make sure that it’s not too flashy and in accordance with the workplace environment!

You have to look fresh all the time, one way is to take supplements like vitamins and fish oil. Besides supplements, exercising regularly is also an investment that must be set to protect your assets. In this case, it’s your health. For example, take some of your budget for a monthly gym membership. Or if you prefer a sports team, you can join in a sports community in your office. Usually they have futsal, badminton, basketball, tennis, or other communities. With a little budget, this would mean not just having fun and being fit, this also means to network with your colleagues.

This is one of the things that is often forgotten by first jobbers. Even though your company might provide an employee insurance, additional insurance will increase your personal protection. It can also provide protection for people you love who are not covered by your workplace insurance like your parents or siblings. This way, you won’t worry about unexpected expenditures and enjoy your paycheck! You can focus on your goals and let insurance handle the uncertainties of life and protect your lifestyle!

The good news is that in this digital era, it’s easier to find an insurance that suits your needs. They also come as cheap as a cup of coffee! For example, the Super Strong protection, with premiums starting from 28 thousand rupiahs per month can provide you with a protection from critical illnesses up to 100 million rupiahs in benefits! For those of you who are active outdoors, Super Safe protection covers you from accidents. With a premium of 36 thousand rupiahs per month, you’ll get 200 million rupiahs in protection benefits plus 10 million rupiahs for hospital treatments per year.

So, what are you waiting for? Be smart, protect yourself, and be prepared to enter a whole new world of the workplace!


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