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Frequently Asked Questions
Have any questions about Super You, digital insurance, SOVIA, or anything else? Let us help you with these frequently asked questions.

1. What is Insurance?

To put it simply, the definition of insurance is an agreement between two parties, namely the Insured (you or your family member as the party who is covered by Super You's online insurance) and the Insurer (the company insurance, which in this case is Super You), wherein:

a) The Insured pays Insurance premium, may it be monthly or annual, to the Insurer during the agreed period of time, and

b) If the insured risk (risk of illness, death, and other forms of insured risks) occurs to the Insured during the agreed period of time, then the Insurer will pay out Insurance Benefit in the form of Sum Assured.

2. What is Insurance Premium?

Insurance Premium is the amount of money paid by the Insured to the Insurer. The Insurance Premium can be done monthly or annually during the agreed period of time.

3. What is Insurance Policy?

Insurance Policy is a legal document that becomes proof that the Insured is a customer of the Insurer. Insurance Policy that is used by Super You is in the form of e-Policy or online Insurance Policy.

4. Policy Holder vs. Insured

Policy Holder is the party who buys and owns the insurance policy.
Insured is the party whose life is insured in the insurance policy.

Example :
You buy insurance for yourself, therefore you are the policy holder and also the insured.
You buy insurance for your wife (other people), therefore you are the policy holder while my wife is the insured.

5. What is Sum Assured?

Sum Assured is the amount of Insurance Benefit that customers will receive, if the insured risk as stated in the Insurance Policy occurs. This Sum Assured will be given to your Beneficiary.

6. What is Beneficiary?

Beneficiary is the party who receives the Insurance Benefit (Sum Assured) once any risk that is covered by the policy occurs to the Insured. Make sure that your policy is still inforce, so that your Beneficiary will be eligible to receive the Insurance Benefit in time.

7. What is Claim?

According to Indonesian Financial Services Authority (FSA), Claim is a compensation request done by the Insured, to the Insurer according to the insured loss based on the policy. 

This means that if an insured risk occurs, then you as the Insured or Beneficiary can file your claim to Super You as the Insurer.

1. What is Online Insurance?

Online Insurance is an Insurance Product that is sold through an alternative, digital-based distributing channel. In Super You, the process of purchasing the Insurance Products, payment process, up until receiving the Insurance e-Policy can be done 100% online.

2. Online Insurance vs. Traditional Insurance

The basis of the product offering for online insurance is still in compliance to legal principles of traditional insurance, only the purchasing channel is different. 

Online insurance enables customers to buy insurance products directly without any intermediary. Only by visiting the website, customers can learn about the products and have full control in choosing and purchasing the products.

3. Why is Online Insurance better?

As we enter the modernized era, Super You realizes that customers need an innovation in financial services that is simple and accessible. Moreover, people nowadays are very accustomed to online shopping. Wide range of products and services could be purchased within the touch of your fingertips, with the help of any gadget. This should also apply to insurance. Through Super You, customers can easily learn about the products, mix-and-match and calculate the premium, then directly complete the purchase transaction online. Transaction security is guaranteed by trusted payment gateway service provider as our partner, and it is also monitored by Indonesian Financial Services Authority (FSA).

4. What types of Insurance can I purchase on Super You?

Currently, Super You offers 3 main Insurance Products and 2 rider Insurance Products (Add-On) that you can choose and combine based on your preference and needs.

Here are the list of different available products in Super You:

1) Super Safe (Personal accident insurance), accompanied by rider insurance products, namely:  Super Motor (Motorcycle accident insurance) dan Super Holiday (Holiday accident insurance)

2) Super Life (Term Life insurance)

3) Super Strong (Term Life + Critical illness insurance)

4) My Hospital Protection (Term Life + Health insurance)

Super You keeps on innovating by developing other products to answer the widening market's needs. To find out more about each products and compare the premium prices, please click one of the name of the products mentioned above.

5. What is the benefit of having Super You?

Here is why you should have Super You insurance:

1) Easy process and access. You are just 3 steps away from getting an insurance coverage that is tailored to your own needs and preference. All transaction history and insurance policies that you've already purchased can be easily managed through MyAccount.

2) You can purchase protection for your family as well.

3) Choose the most suitable premium price for yourself. Get maximum protection with cheaper premium here without additional charge.

4) Fast process. Activate your protection with just a few clicks, starting from product selection, filling form application, until payment confirmation.

5) Guarantee of Acceptance. Your application will be accepted without any health questions, so you can start living in certainty right away.

6) Easy renewals. Protection is valid for a year with optional automatic renewal.

1. Who can buy Super You?

As long as you are 17 year old or above and already have personal ID number, you can purchase the products that you want immediately.

2. Who can be the Insured?

Depending on the insurance product that you've chosen.

If you've chosen Super Life, then the Insured must be aged between 17 – 59 years old.
If you've chosen Super Safe, then the Insured must be aged between 6 months – 65 years old.
If you've chosen Super Strong or My Hospital, then the Insured must be aged between 17 – 55 years old.
If you've chosen Super Well, then the Insured must be aged between 17 - 65 years old.
If you've chosen Super Care, then the Insured must be aged between 30 days - 70 years old.

3. Can I buy Super You for my family?

In Super You, you can buy insurance products for your family members, not just for yourself. "Family members" here includes your parents, brother, sister, husband, wife, and children.

But you must keep in mind that said family member must be qualified as an Insured.

4. Can I buy Super You for my friends, relatives, or employees?

As policy holder, you can only buy insurance for family members (parents, siblings, spouse, and children). If any of your friends, relatives, and/or employees was interested in purchasing Super You products, you may suggest them to create their own MyAccount.

1. I don't know which insurance product is suitable for me.

If you are not sure which insurance products suit you, you can do two things:

1) Go to Super You's product page. You may get various informations on the products of Super you and decide on which insurance is the most suitable for yourself. If you need further information, you may click on "Choose this plan" and read Product Summary, located on the left side.

2) If you are still not sure, you can try to ask SOVIA (Sequis Online Virtual Assistant) here

2. How to buy Super You products?

You can purchase Super You's online insurance by following these steps:

1) Visit the homepage of Super You and click “Dapatkan Sekarang.”

2) Choose the Insured and their birth of date, then click “Cek Sekarang.”

3) Choose the most suitable product and plan

4) Fill in the personal data for the Policy Holder, Insured, and Beneficiary. If you are not sure the difference between Policy Holder and Insured, please check Super You's FAQ on section About Insurance Super You.

5) Verify the phone number of the Policy Holder.

6) Enter your password. This password will be used for MyAccount.

7) You will be directed to the Review page. Here, you must do the followings:
    Make sure you have filled your personal data correctly.
    Double check the Product Summary (Ringkasan Produk) and the chosen premium price.
    Give your consent by ticking the checkboxes for the short disclaimers. Make sure that you've read it carefully before ticking.
    Pick the payment mode of the Insurance (monthly or annual).
    Pick the payment method that is convenient for you. We offer a few options, through debit or credit card, Mandiri, Permata, Indomaret, and Go-Pay.
    After you are done, click "Lanjut" to submit.

8) You will be directed to the Payment page. Finish the payment process according to the payment method that you have chosen before. If you are not sure how to do it, follow the steps in Super You's FAQ on section Payment.

9) After your payment has been verified, the e-Policy will be ready. You may access it through MyAccount and download the e-policy.

3. Why do I have to specify my name and age while choosing the product?

We need to know the date of birth of the Insured (the party whose life is covered by the insurance) to calculate the premium based on his/her age.

4. Can I buy all 3 products at once?

Yes, you can combine the products based on your preference. For a wider coverage, you can purchase several available products all at once.

However, keep in mind that Super You has a maximum of Sum Assured (Insurance Benefit) per Insured (the party whose life is covered by the insurance) up to Rp1,5 billion.

5. Is there a minimum Premium?

There is no minimum Premium for any Super You product. You are allowed to buy just one insurance product from Super You.

6. Is there a maximum of Sum Assured?

For each Insured, the maximum of Sum Assured (Insurance Benefit) that can be claimed is up to Rp1,5 billion. The system will not be able to process your request if the amount of Sum Assured exceeds Rp1,5 billion per Insured.

7. Can I change the Sum Assured and Premium price on my existing policy?

Once your policy is registered in our database, the data cannot be changed. Yet if you wish to add your Sum Assured amount, you can repurchase with exactly the same process as your first purchase.

8. I have purchased Super You before, can I add another product?

Yes, you can add more products as long as the Sum Assured is less than Rp1,5 billion per Insured. For the next purchase, the system will automatically show the remaining limit of Sum Assured you can have.

9. Apakah premi saya akan mengalami kenaikan selama Masa Pertanggungan?

Iya. Akan ada kenaikan atau penyesuaian premi sesuai dengan range usia tergantung dari masing-masing produk. Hal ini dikecualikan pada produk Super Safe Protection.

1. Acceptable payment methods in Super You

Super You accepts payment through Visa & Mastercard credit card, Virtual Account, and through Indomaret, as well as Go-Pay. According to the Indonesian Financial Services Authority (FSA)'s regulations, we do not keep your credit card information. We partner up with a trusted online payment services to do a secure transaction. Make sure that your credit card is still active and has not passed its expiration date.

2. Can I change my payment mode (from monthly to annual or vice versa)?

The mode of payment you chose during purchase will be automatically registered in your policy credentials. Once the policy is generated, the mode of payment cannot be changed.

3. How to make payment through ATM?

If you choose to make payment through Mandiri ATM, here are the steps to make a payment through Mandiri ATM:

If you choose to make payment through Permata ATM, here are the steps to make a payment through Permata ATM:

Other Bank
If you do not have an account at either Mandiri or Permata Bank, then you can choose to make a payment at “ATM with ATM Bersama, Prima & Alto Network”, Here are the steps to make a payment through ATM Bersama, Prima & Alto (Make sure you enter 013 code for Permata Bank):

4. How to make payment through Indomaret?

Payment through Indomaret can be done in all Indomaret’s outlets throughout Indonesia. If at the Indomaret outlet that you visit provide i-Kios Indomaret service, you can directly make the payment through the machine. Here are the steps for making payment through i-Kios Indomaret:

1. Select Payment Point menu.

2. Select Insurance through payment menu.

3. Select the Sequis Online payment service.

4. Enter your Cell Phone Number and Payment Code. 

5. Make sure that the transaction summary in your receipt is correct, then proceed to make the payment transaction at Indomaret’s cashier.

6. Your transaction has been Completed.

If the Indomaret outlet that you visited do not have i-Kios service, you can directly make the payment at the cashier by giving you Cell Phone Number and Payment Code.

5. How to make payment with Credit Cards?

If you're using your Visa or Mastercard credit card as your method of payment, you only need to fill out your data in the payment page. Please make sure that your card is not expired.

We ensure that your credit card payments are secure, based on OJK regulations, we will not store your credit card data. Your payments are safe from lapses due to credit cards being an auto-recurring payment.

6. How to make payment using GoPay

Jika kamu mengakses Super You melalui smartphonemu, kamu akan diarahkan ke aplikasi Gojek melalui tautan di website.



Jika kamu mengakses Super You melalui desktop (laptop atau PC), masuk ke aplikasi Gojek, kemudian sentuh tombol "Pay."



akan ada QR code yang dapat kamu pindai langsung melalui aplikasi Gojek seperti saat kamu melakukan pembayaran GoPay di poin penjualan offline.


Dari aplikasi Gojek, kamu bisa menyelesaikan pembayaranmu dengan mudah dengan mengklik tombol "bayar" atau "confirm and pay."


Pembayaran Premi Lanjutan

Kamu bisa melakukan login ke akunmu dan masuk ke halaman dashboard pembayaran, lalu kamu bisa melakukan pembayaran premi polis aktif menggunakan GoPay

7. I want to change my payment method.

If you have picked a payment method and would like to change it into other methods, you may refer to the following steps:

1. Log in to the account you have.

2. Visit your dashboard profile and click the payment menu on the left side.

3. Click payment status and pick change payment.

4. Click the change payment button that is located on the bottom right, under the 'Total payment'.

5. Choose the desired payment method and click continue.

If you have seen the page that says 'Successful', then your payment method has been successfully changed. To be sure, you can check your new payment method in the payment menu.

1. What is MyAccount?

MyAccount is a feature in Super You where you can manage your personal data, including Customer Data, Policy Information, and e-Policy & Transaction History.

2. How to login to MyAccount?

Click “Login” on the top right corner of your browser, then input your e-mail address and password. We send your default password directly to your e-mail, and please change it immediately for security reason.

3. I have purchased Super You product but I have not received the policy yet.

Right after payment is verified, our system will generate your e-policy. To find your e-policy, login to MyAccount then click “e-Polis & Transaction History”. You can also download the e-policy there by clicking “download” on the right side of each product you purchased.

4. How to change my password?

Log in to MyAccount, click "Check Account", go to “Customer Data”, then click “Change Password”.

5. I forgot my password.

Click the "Login" button on the top right corner of your browser, then click “Forget password” under the “Sign In” button. Input your registered e-mail address, then we will send you the guidelines to reset your password by e-mail.

6. How to change my credit card number?

Please send an email with the subject “Request to change credit card data” to Write down policy holder name and the policy number. We will contact you back to help processing your request.

7. Can I change my Beneficiary?

Please send an email with the subject “Request to change policy data” to Write down policy holder name, policy number, and the details you wish to change. We will contact you back to help you process your request.

8. I want to cancel my policy.

To cancel the Super You policy, you must first log in to MyAccount at Super You. On the MyAccount page, you can select the Cancellation Policy menu and choose which policy you want to cancel.

Premium return is only eligible for Super You customers’ policy that is still in the “Free Look Up Period” (within 14 days after the time of policy purchase). To get a premium refund, you must fill in your credit card information if you use a credit card to make a premium payment, or your bank account information if you use debit payment option.

For more information, you can contact Sequis Care (021) 2994 2929 or by email: on Monday – Friday at 08.30 – 17.00 WIB. 

1. When can I submit a claim?

You may submit a claim as soon as your policy have passed the Waiting Period. To find out how long the Waiting Period for each policy is, please look at your e-Policy, under the section Terms & Conditions.

2. What are the data and forms that are needed to claim insurance?

The complete list of data and forms to submit death claim, hospital claim, or permanent disability claim are listed here. You can also download the claim form there or in the Claim menu in your dashboard account. Make sure that you have login to your account.

Should you need further assistant, please contact Customer Service on (+6221) 2994-2929 on Monday – Friday, 08.15 AM to 05.00 PM, West Indonesia Time (WIB).

3. Saya sudah punya polis asuransi lain. Apakah saya bisa mengajukan klaim ganda (double claim)?

  • Jika kamu memiliki lebih dari satu Asuransi Kesehatan dan/ atau Asuransi yang disponsori Pemerintah atau penanggung lainnya, maka kamu bisa mengajukan Koordinasi Manfaat yaitu dapat mengklaimkan selisih biaya atau ekses klaim.

  • Lain halnya dengan Produk Asuransi Santunan Harian seperti My Hospital Protection, kamu dapat mengajukan Double Claim dengan produk Asuransi Santunan Harian dari Perusahaan Asuransi lainnya.

  • Apabila Tertanggung memiliki produk Super Strong Protection dan didiagnosis penyakit kritis pada saat Masa Pertanggungan , maka akan dibayarkan Uang Pertanggungan sesuai yang tertera di Polis Asuransi dan dapat di klaim dengan Asuransi Kesehatan maupun Asuransi Penyakit Kritis dari Perusahaan Penanggung lainnya.

  • Jika kamu memiliki lebih dari 1 (satu) produk Asuransi Kesehatan Super You dengan manfaat polis yang sama maka klaim hanya bisa dilakukan pada salah satu produk Asuransi. Hal ini dikecualikan pada produk Asuransi Super Care Protection jika kamu memiliki plan Santunan Tunai Harian, kamu tetap mendapatkan manfaat tersebut.

4. Do I have to attach original document while submitting my claim?

You are allowed to submit the legalized copy of your documents to claim on Super You.

5. Can I claim insurance for overseas hospitals?

Yes. The process and procedure of insurance is the same as the usual hospital claim. 

6. What is the claim currency?

Claims for Insurance Benefits will be paid in Rupiah (IDR).

If submitted in a foreign currency, the payment will be calculated using the middle rate of exchange of Bank Indonesia on the date of treatment or the date of receipt.

7. Bagaimana proses pengajuan klaim cashless di dalam negeri?

1. Pilih Rumah Sakit yang Kamu Inginkan.
Daftar rumah sakit rekanan Sequis dapat dilihat di Untuk pengajuan klaim cashless, kamu cukup membawa kartu peserta dan kartu identitas Tertanggung saat mendatangi Rumah Sakit.

2. Administrasi Rawat Inap
Petugas Rumah Sakit akan memproses kartu kepesertaan. Kamu akan menerima informasi cakupan perawatan dan akan menandatangani surat pernyataan.

3. Proses Keluar Rumah Sakit
Kamu menerima konfirmasi keluar Rumah Sakit dan petugas rumah sakit akan memproses  kartu kepesertaan. Setelah  beberapa  saat,  kamu  menerima  struk  pengesahan  dan menandatangani formulir kepulangan serta menyelesaikan keperluan administrasi dan membayar kelebihan biaya jika ada (sesuai dengan manfaat asuransi yang dimiliki).

8. Bagaimana proses pengajuan klaim cashless di luar negeri?

Secara umum, begini proses pengajuan klaim cashless di luar negeri:

  1. Hubungi call center AdMedika dan lengkapi dokumen, seperti: 
Jangan lupa untuk memberikan alamat e-mail kamu juga.

2. Call Center AdMedika akan mengecek apakah kamu benar peserta asuransi:
  • Jika terkonfirmasi, maka lanjut ke proses berikutnya.
  • Jika tidak, maka klaim akan ditolak.

Kemudian, AdMedika akan bekerjasama dengan International Assistance (IA) untuk menghubungi rumah sakit rekanan di luar negeri.

3. Call center IA akan melakukan koordinasi dengan rumah sakit rekanan tersebut dan memberikan konfirmasi ketersediaan dokter.
  • Jika dokter tersedia, maka lanjut ke proses berikutnya.
  • Jika tidak, maka klaim akan ditolak.

4. IA akan memberikan informasi kepada AdMedika yang akan menghubungi kamu kembali. Setelah itu, kamu akan menerima salinan Confirmation Letter.
5. Kamu bisa datang ke rumah sakit rekanan yang sudah disetujui dan menunjukkan kartu kepesertaan, kartu identitas, serta Confirmation Letter.
6. Lanjutkan dengan proses admisi dan perawatan rumah sakit.
7. Sebelum perawatan, pastikan dokter yang menangani perawatan mengisi formulir Pre-Admission dan mengirimnya ke IA.
8. IA akan bekerja sama dengan AdMedika dan Sequis untuk masalah pembayaran perawatan, dan akan memberikan Surat Jaminan ke rumah sakit rekanan yang bersangkutan.

Pra-pendaftaran untuk Rawat Inap di luar negeri (dengan diagnosis awal):

Jika kamu sudah mendapatkan diagnosis awal dengan dokter dari rumah sakit rekanan dan ingin menjalani perawatan: 

  • Pastikan kamu mencantumkan laporan medis atas kondisi diagnosis yang telah diterima (baik tes lab dan/atau diagnostik lainnya) pada formulir Pre Admission.
  • Setelah menerima laporan medis ini, IA akan memberikan Surat Jaminan yang sesuai manfaat Polis kamu kepada rumah sakit rekanan yang bersangkutan.

Pra-pendaftaran untuk Rawat Inap di luar negeri (tanpa diagnosis awal):

Jika kamu belum mendapatkan diagnosis dengan dokter tertentu dari rumah sakit rekanan dan ingin mendapatkan diagnosis melalui perawatan di luar negeri:

  • Kamu bisa mengklaim biaya prosedur diagnosis dan konsultasi jika sudah tercantum dalam manfaat Polis dan akan dibayarkan setelah pemeriksaan (secara reimbursement). Pastikan kamu menghubungi AdMedika atau IA untuk pendaftaran perawatan agar di-cover.
  • Pastikan kamu mencantumkan laporan medis atas kondisi diagnosis yang telah diterima (baik tes lab dan/atau diagnostik lainnya) saat melengkapi formulir Pre Admission.
  • Jika kasusnya sesuai dengan manfaat Polis setelah pemeriksaan dokumen, maka IA akan melakukan pendaftaran dengan fitur cashless dan menerbitkan Surat Jaminan kepada rumah sakit rekanan atas nama kamu.

Pra-pendaftaran untuk Rawat Inap di luar negeri (manfaat perawatan darurat):

  • Kamu melakukan deposit terlebih dahulu dengan kartu kredit saat mendaftar perawatan. 
  • Pastikan kamu, keluarga, atau pihak rumah sakit menghubungi Sequis atau IA dalam waktu 24 jam setelah perawatan darurat.
  • Pastikan kamu atau pihak rumah sakit mengirimkan formulir Pre Admission dan mencantumkan laporan medis atas kondisi diagnosis yang telah diterima (baik tes lab dan/atau diagnostik lainnya).
  • IA akan mengecek apakah dokumen dan kasus kamu sesuai ketentuan manfaat pada Polis: 
    • Jika sesuai, maka kamu akan bisa mendapat fasilitas cashless. IA akan memberikan Surat Jaminan kepada rumah sakit rekanan yang bersangkutan.
    • Jika tidak sesuai, maka klaim kamu akan ditolak.

9. Bagaimana cara pengajuan klaim reimbursement di Super You?

Untuk pengajuan klaim santunan tunai atau reimbursement, kamu wajib mengisi formulir dan mengumpulkan semua dokumen yang diperlukan. Kamu bisa mendapatkan informasi mengenai formulir dan dokumen pengajuan klaim di dalam menu Klaim yang bisa diakses melalui akun Super You kamu atau dengan meminta bantuan Sequis Care di (021) 2994 2929.